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How to Shop at a Farmer's Market

Written by Danielle Travali.

There is absolutely nothing I love more than to visit a farmer's market for the freshest local produce, herbs, flowers, plants...even meats, seafood, cheeses and chocolates (because we can't forget about dessert). If you've never heard of a farmer's market (don't be ashamed) or have never shopped at one, have no fear. I'm going to help make your process an easy and enjoyable one.

What's a farmer's market, and why is it beneficial?

A farmer's market is an assembly of vendor tents from nearby farms and small companies that sell fresh fruit, vegetables, honey, truffles, and much, much more. Usually, farmer's markets are outdoors and are most popular in the fall, spring and summer months.

How to Make a Basic Vegetable Soup Stock

Written by Danielle Travali.

In the mood for homemade soup? Here's my number one tip: don't waste your cash on expensive, sodium-packed soup stocks you find at the grocery store. Make your very own stock. It's so easy, and I'm going to show you how.

Let's start with a vegetable stock, and in following articles, I'll show you how to add chicken, beef or other ingredients to make variations of this stock recipe.

4 medium-sized onions

5 celery stalks

4 medium-sized carrots