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Essential Pots & Pans Everyone Needs for Cooking

Written by Danielle Travali.

If you're a home cook, it's necessary to have an excellent quality set of pots and pans. Why? Because a good quality set will last you (practically) a lifetime.

You won't necessarily have to worry about ruining your food with the wrong pan or spending your valuable time cleaning pans that you'll probably throw in the trash soon anyway. Let's talk about some of the best quality pots and pans you could buy. Remember, you don't have to buy an entire set of pots and pans in one shopping trip. You can collect them over time or ask for them as birthday or holiday presents. Here are the essential ones that you need:

Saute Pan. This pan should be about 12 inches from one end to the other. The larger the better because you can fit a larger volume inside it.

Top Kitchen Must-Haves: The Basic Essentials for Cooking & Entertaining

Written by Danielle Travali.

A kitchen is not complete without proper cooking tools, appliances, utensils and gadgets.

As someone who cooks constantly, I've compiled a list of products I believe to be absolutely essential for cooking, serving and entertaining friends and family. Consider this a "LIFE List." The following products will make your life a whole lot easier:


 (FYI, we describe specific pots and pans you need in the article linked here):

  • Large sauce pot
  • Medium pot
  • Small pot
  • Dutch oven or large cast iron pot
  • Medium frying pan
  • Non-stick skillet