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The Secret to Weight Loss

Written by Nancy Rahnama, MD, MS.

What is the easiest way to lose weight? Most magazines use a waifish celebrity as their example of weight loss success. But let's be honest. How reasonable is this image? Can people realistically make the appropriate changes in their lifestyles in order to see a change in their weight?

Do these individuals know that the recommendations may be customized to their lifestyles and body type?

The truth is, too many people use a vague approach for weight loss and only see short-term results, if any at all.

Most people are motivated to lose weight for aesthetic purposes; they want to look good in a bikini or tight pair of jeans. If you're one of these people, a better way to get motivated to be fit and healthy would be to educate yourself about the long-term consequences of excess weight.

Causes of Weight Gain

Written by Nancy Rahnama, MD, MS.

In order to achieve successful long term weight loss, the cause of the weight gain needs to be identified. Many different factors may attribute to weight gain.

The top 10 etiologies of weight gain will be listed here and will be further explored in later articles. This will help identify the cause of unexpected weight gain and thereby allow for successful treatment and prevention.

1. Diet and Dehydration: It is no surprise that what you eat affects your weight. A diet high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates results in an excessive caloric intake which results in weight gain. A diet which has the appropriate caloric intake, yet is satisfying, will result in long term weight loss. This may be accomplished by a diet high in fiber and protein.