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My Baby Keeps Crying & is Fussy: What You Need to Know About Colic and Stooling

Written by Meghan Connelly, MD.

“Colic” is kind of a catch-all term for fussy babies, typically manifested by increased crying or fussiness. Some babies are more easy to console than others. In any regard, colic can cause significant distress in parents...sometimes even more distress than the infant!

Colic typically occurs at 4-6 weeks of age, nobody seems to know exactly what causes colic, but how do you deal with it? A fussy baby can wreak havoc on your lifestyle. Dr. Harvey Karp's book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" details the 5 "S's" of Swaddling (tightly wrapping) the child, letting the child Suck on a pacifier or breast, making a "Shhh" sound, laying them on their Side (when supervised), and Swinging them in your arms. This seems to help calm most infants with colic. These tips can be found in Dr. Karp's book, which offers tremendous advice for parents.

Babies & Sleeping: When Will My Baby Sleep?

Written by Meghan Connelly, MD.

Babies tend to like to feel “secure”. How can you achieve this without holding the baby at all times (which would be a strain on the parents who need rest, too!)?

You can “swaddle” the infant, which involves wrapping a tight blanket around the arms and legs of the baby. Be sure to ask your nurse or doctor to teach you this skill before you leave the hospital, as it’s easier than it sounds!

Where should the baby sleep?

As a general rule, babies should sleep in their own crib or bedside co-sleeper. They should NEVER sleep in bed with Mom and Dad. Why not? Parents can be pretty exhausted during the first few months of having a new baby and there is the risk of them rolling over onto the baby and not even realizing it.

Babies should NOT sleep in bed with Mom and Dad!

However, it may be convenient to keep the baby in the parents’ room for the first few weeks or even month, at the time when the baby is feeding the most. However, the infant should just be in their own sleeper.