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New Parents: What to Expect During the First Few Weeks of Life

Written by Meghan Connelly, MD.

As new parents, you probably have lots of questions. This is normal and to be expected. And, some of your best resources will be friends and family that have been through this experience and can pass on “tips and tricks” to raising a newborn.

But we want to help, too! Below you’ll find a few answers to many of the questions new parents have.

Benefits of a High Fiber Diet

Written by Meghan Connelly, MD.

Fiber is something we’ve all heard of, been told we should eat more of, and has been touted as nutritionally beneficial. But, what is it exactly? Why do you need it? What are the benefits of a high-fiber diet?

Below you’ll find a few answers to these questions and we’ll try to elucidate some of the benefits to ensuring you get enough fiber in your daily diet.

Fiber: What Is It And How Do I Get It?

Fiber is a substance primarily found in plant walls and comes in two forms: soluble and insoluble. The first, as its name would suggest, dissolves in water and can help lower both blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  Insoluble fiber helps absorb water and can aid in moving food through the digestive tract, lessening uncomfortable conditions such as constipation and keeping your stool frequency more regular. This is important for your digestive health.1,2