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How to Clean Like a Professional by Using the Right Tools

Written by Nicky Tomboulides .

Like cooking, cleaning is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced. Once you know the basics of cleaning efficiently, you can easily transform yourself into a Clean Mean Machine that can fight DIRT in half the time!

If you want to clean right, you have to adapt your strategies from the pros. When you are knowledgeable and equipped with the right tools, you will clean more effectively. Not only that, knowing what you are doing will save you tons of time when it comes to cleaning your house.

Let's start at the very top by discussing the two important tools of the trade. First, you need to wear the right 'cleanwear,' and second you must obtain the basic tools of the trade. By cleanwear, I mean breathable clothes that are comfortable, such as  a cotton tee, jeans and sneakers. Earrings or jewelry of any kind, high heel shoes, flip flops, a sexy top or heavy make-up won't do! Be comfortable and safe when cleaning. Do me a favor and KISS (Keep it Simple Simple)!

Apron: the "grime-fighting utility belt"

Wear an apron from start to finish. From vacuuming, mopping to dusting, cleaning the bathrooms to your kitchen, an apron is an absolute must. A good apron is one that contains an adequate number of decently-sized pockets and loops (to hang your bottles), and is made out of duck fabric (a durable closely woven cotton fabric).  It should be easily washable and designed to last. Batman wears a utility belt to fight crime, and you need a fully-loaded apron to fight grime. Transform yourself into a Clean Mean Machine. With your apron on, you can carry all your CLEANING TOOLS; sprays, cleaning cloths, whisk broom and a feather duster in your back jean pocket.

Tray: the "briefcase"

Another important tool is a tray in which you store (when you are not cleaning) all your apron supplies and extras such as bleach and special brushes for the bathroom and kitchen. Think of your tray in terms of your briefcase, you carry your laptop, pad and pencils, iPad, and iPhone in order to have a command center away from the office - your tray is your cleaning command center.    

Keep ALL your tools, the apron and cleaners (discussed in the next article) within your tray.  When you start the cleaning process, you only take what you need from your tray.  Put on your apron and load your cleaning supplies into your apron.  DON’T carry your tray from room to room. It’s only designed for storage and to carry your tools for the bathroom and kitchen. A tray that carries bleach can spill, damaging your carpets and furniture and you don't need a toilet brush to clean the living room. Your apron will allow you to carry all your equipment from beginning to end.

From the very first time you use your apron and cleaning tray, you will love the experience of having all that you need at your fingertips. Fall in love with your tray. Always keep it clean, well stocked and well maintained.  Put things back where you took them from in your apron and tray and you won't waste time looking for things as you move around the house.  Ask your spouse and kids to wear an apron when they help with housework and enjoy great family time together! Ask your housekeeper to wear one, too.  You wouldn’t hire a carpenter that goes up and down a ladder everytime he needs a nail, would you?   

Wear an apron. Get a tray. Become a Clean Mean Machine. You'll love it!

Stay with us. Next we will discuss the must have tools for cleaning and cleaners you need in your apron and tray.

Keep it Clean!

Nicky Tomboulides
Nicky Tomboulides

Nicky P.E. Tomboulides, MBA has run and managed Penguin's Best Housekeeping Service, LLCsince 1994. Nicky's entrepreneurial experience and spirit is behind the birth of her business. Penguin's Best, an upscale residential cleaning service, has evolved from teaching and training its own crew to running outside classes and workshops for various organ.. Read more

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