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Housecleaning Etiquette for Homeowners: How to Establish a Positive Business Relationship with Your Housecleaner

Written by Nicky Tomboulides .

If you're a homeowner who's hiring a professional to clean your home, there are a few rules you should follow in order to maintain a professional, positive business relationship:

1. Let your integrity be your best quality. Demand the same from your housecleaner.  Hire someone you can trust and like, yet maintain a professional relationship at all times.

2. You need to have open communication with your housecleaner. But do not leave pages and pages of notes. Be brief and always end with a thank you.

3. Pay by the job, not by the hour.  Over time, if your housecleaner becomes more efficient, he or she needs to be rewarded for that increased efficiency. Always pay your house cleaner on time.

4. For the protection of you and your housecleaner, install hidden cameras.
Do shut the audio, because often the topic of any conversation will be you!

Housecleaners’ Cleaning Etiquette: Rules of the House Cleaning Business

Written by Nicky Tomboulides .

Talking to your housecleaner about what's acceptable and what isn't can be a difficult or slightly awkward conversation.

Hopefully the following tips will make that conversation easier.  You can use this as a checklist and go over these points with your new housecleaner.  Alternatively, you can make this article avaiable to them to make this conversation easier.  You may consider providing your new housecleaner a copy they can take home and review.  Once you both agree, you may consider signing and dating it!

1. Let your integrity be your best quality. Expect the same from the homeowner.  Always pick customers you like and trust. Be a professional. Although it's good to be cordial with your customer, your customer is NOT your friend. Do not involve your customer in your personal affairs. This is a work relationship that happens to be taking place in someone's home.

2. At the interview, listen carefully, ask questions and take notes.