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The Principles of Organizing

Written by Seana Turner, PO.

So you are ready to get organized – good for you! And if you’ve been reading along here at Project LIFE, you may by now have an understanding of how you got into a bit of a mess in the first place.

At about this stage it is tempting to dive in and start pitching stuff. However, if you want to be organized for life, and not just for this week, you need to first step back and understand the global principles that will enable you to live in a more intentional, structured, and clutter free way.

There are many principles when it comes to organizing, but two are of the utmost importance and can change your life if you truly embrace them.
1.  Everything you own needs a home.
2.  Stop cleaning up and instead began restoring order.

Possession Obsession: How Many Material Things Do You Really Need?

Written by Seana Turner, PO.

Have you ever wondered how much “stuff” is the right amount? It isn’t an easy question to answer. After all, in some parts of the world individuals own hardly anything, while in others people live in opulent homes with rooms overflowing with possessions. How can we figure out what is right for us?

The answer lies in taking an honest look at three key questions.

What kind of “stuff” do I really want?

This question will differ greatly from one individual to another because of our diverse interests and occupations. One person may need very few kitchen items because he hates cooking, but has a lot of tools because he enjoys working on cars.