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You Are in Charge of Your Happiness

Written by Dani.

To truly love yourself, you have to support your own happiness. You have to be 100 percent behind yourself, supporting your own actions, choices, and decisions.

This can be hard to do when you’re up against a lot of different forces in your life – parents, teachers, friends, etc. But, no matter what, you must believe that your happiness is worthwhile – and you have a lot more control over your happiness than you might realize. Too many people are actually sabotaging their own happiness – and most of them are doing so unknowingly. In life, there are many things we cannot control. We cannot control other people. We cannot control the weather. We cannot control some of the circumstances we find ourselves in. But we can control ourselves.

And too many of us are not taking our own happiness into account – a sure sign that we're not giving ourselves the love and affection we deserve. Take a look at the list of questions below and answer them honestly.

5 Steps to Becoming Friends with Yourself

Written by Danea Horn.

Have you noticed that when you are alone and surrounded by the stillness of quiet, when even the wind has stopped rustling the trees and the birds have paused their song, you still hear one voice say, “Wow, it is so quiet!”

Your inner narrator does not have an “off” switch. In addition to giving play-by-play commentary on your life, this internal voice has lots of opinions and makes dozens of assumptions about your future, and your past. All day long, you hear its chattering about what you’re doing and how you should be doing it and why you are doing it wrong and the reason you will never get it right. Because your inner dialogue is so constant, most of the time you drown it out. If we were able to tape-record what you are saying to yourself each day, you would probably be shocked to hear just how unfriendly your inner voice is.