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Tips to Prepare For Storms/Hurricanes

Written by Sumit Dua, MD, MBA.

This is one of the few articles that won’t help you live incredibly per se, but will help you stay safe and offers some tips in unfortunate situations such as storms, hurricanes and natural disasters.  Many of you probably have great tips, please share them below in comments and we will incorporate them in the future.

1. Food - Make sure to have plenty of food.  You want food that you can eat without cooking or warming in case you don’t have access to gas or electricity. Eat the perishable food first as that will go bad in case you don’t have electricity.  

2.  Water - keep plenty of water nearby.  You need enough drinking water to last at least few days.  Don’t underestimate the amount of water you need - its better to have a little extra that you won’t use, than to not have enough.  Also you may need water for other reasons - bathroom, hygiene etc.  One idea is to fill the bathtub with water for emergency.

3. Ice - if you have an igloo at home, store the ice you have currently and try to make a bit more while you have electricity.  

4. Windows - it is possible that windows may shatter from high winds.  If you have drapes, keep them closed.  If not, one idea is to put up towels or sheets on the windows that can stop some of the shattered glass from flying into the room.

5. Gasoline - it is likely that gas stations will be shut down or completely sold out of gasoline.  Fill up your car in case you have to evacuate later or need to move in case of an emergency.  

6. Lights - keep plenty of candles nearby and flashlights.  Download a flashlight app on your smartphone as those tend to work rather well.  

7. Charge - charge your phones, ipads and laptops completely in case you don’t have electricity later.  Also, keep batteries on hand for flashlights etc. 

8. Cash - have some cash handy in case you need it.  You cannot use credit cards or ATM if there is no electricity.  This doesn't mean withdraw your life savings from a bank account, but just have some cash available.

9. Pack a bag - have a bag ready in case you need to leave.  Much easier to pack valuables when you have time and can see. Without lights and in a hurry, things are much more difficult.

10. Electricity - this one has to be done earlier in planning, but consider investing in a electric generator.  There are a wide variety of them avaialble and investing in one for long term may be worth for some that own their own homes.

Using common sense will get you through the toughest of storms.  Stay close to family and friends.  Follow the recommendations from your city/state governments and stay alert. Above are some quick tips that can help make life a bit easier during a storm.  Please comment below with your tips and techniques. 

Sumit Dua, MD, MBA
Sumit Dua, MD, MBA

Sumit Dua is the founder and CEO of Project LIFE, Inc.  Sumit attended the University of California San Diego for undergraduate studies, where he majored in Biochemistry & Cell Biology and in Psychology. He went on to attend the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine for his M.D. and the Marshall School of Business for a.. Read more

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