You Are in Charge of Your Happiness

Don’t just breeze through them. Really think about them and ask yourself if you find yourself doing these things.

  • Do you always say “yes”? Do you always say “no”?
  • Do you take on too much? Too many classes? Activities?
  • Do you waste time on things that make you unhappy?
  • Do you spend time with people who cause you unhappiness?
  • Do you sleep too much? Not enough?
  • Do you eat foods that will keep you healthy and strong?
  • Do you speak to yourself with a tone of self-love?
  • Do you spend enough time laughing every day?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you surround yourself with those that believe in you?
  • Do you spend time outdoors, in nature, or with animals?
  • Do you read and/or learn about subjects you’re interested in?
  • Do you feel inspired? Do you strive to inspire other people?

How do you feel after you asked yourself these questions? Do you realize now that you are in control of a lot of elements in your life that impact your happiness? While it’s quite easy to blame things or people or situations, we do have some control when it comes to living happy lives. If you want to be able to give the world all you have to offer, you have to take a step back from how you’re living and really examine your answers to these questions. Do you like the answers you see? If not, what can you do to change them?

You cannot control everything in your life – and you never will be able to – but there are quite a few things you can control. It’s up to you to consider these questions honestly and decide what – if anything – you need to change in your life. If you want to live a life you love, you have to take control of your own happiness. Recognize that a great many things are out of your control, but it’s up to you to make the most of what you can control. It’s up to you to choose happiness.

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